Introduction to digital wellbeing coaching kit

As technology affects increasingly more areas of our lives, the world urgently needs multidisciplinary specialists that help guide the society to become more human and control tech, not allowing it to control us. Digital wellbeing coaching is a fast growing area of coaching that focuses on helping individuals, families and organizations develop healthier digital habits and take back control over their time and attention.

This package includes a set of tools and digital wellbeing theory. It's prepared by Consciously Digital, the only ICF-accredited organization as of August 2020 that prepares digital wellbeing coaches.

The kit is for anyone interested in digital wellbeing coaching and looking for more tools to use.

This kit includes:

  • Webinar Foundations of digital wellbeing coaching by Consciously Digital instructors recording, 1 hour, streaming only
  • E-book Homo Distractus by Dr Anastasia Dedyukhina in mobi, epub or pdf format (download)
  • Summary of recent 5 research sources about the impact of technology on children's brains (pdf)
  • Report on 6 future jobs in digital wellbeing (pdf)
  • Recommended sources of information about digital wellbeing - top videos, blogs, podcasts and books in one place (pdf)

Bonus: 3 templates to work with your coaching clients on their digital habtis

  • 16 powerful questions that help raise awareness (pdf)
  • Exercise 'Wheel of Life' to start exploring digital habits and their impact on the values of your clients (pdf)
  • Sample schedule to allow more time for deep work and limit digital distractions. Use it to help your client be more productive (pdf)
7 PDF, 1 MOBI and 1 EPUB
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